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Thread: Caseta with color changing dimmable soffit lights?

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    Caseta with color changing dimmable soffit lights?

    I am thinking about installing a few dozen soffit lights around my house next summer and having a color choice would be nice. Can any of the color changing recessed puck lights work with a Caseta dimmer as the main control and then use their own software to set the color/colour of the bulbs (I'm am not referring to color temperature)?

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    We do not recommend using lights that can be controlled from another source (mobile app, desktop/laptop software, remote control, proprietary in-wall control, motion sensor, photocell, etc.) with Caséta devices. Based on prior experiences, these lights either require constant power (which the Caséta dimmer/switch will interrupt) or the lights will "override" the Caséta device as the dimmer/switch. We recommend contacting the lighting OEM for compatibility testing information with their integrated LED lights and any of our Caséta dimmers.

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