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Thread: Power going into switch but Power not going through to light. DVCL-153PH

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    Power going into switch but Power not going through to light. DVCL-153PH


    I am using a DVCL-153PH dimmer to upgrade since I am using new bulbs. I set up the switch with the single pole. I attached the green wire to the ground, the black to the power and one of the reds to the light. The other red I closed off.

    When the power is on, my voltage tester shows power in the black wire going into the switch. The red ones that aren't connected to the light have power. But as soon as I attached the red wire to the light, I have no longer gave any power coming out of the red wire (the unconnected wire does have power, but as soon as I switch them, I get the same result. No power to the light.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    In single-pole, you will want to ensure you are capping off the Red/White wire and using the solid-red wire to connect to the lighting load. Once you have this set up, make sure the dimmer slider is set to maximum and then retest the voltage connected to the lighting load. If you are still not getting any indication of life from the light, do you by chance have another dimmable lighting load you can test this dimmer on? It may be beneficial to test the dimmer on a different light to see if the issue lies in the dimmer or in the lighting load (or possibly a combination of both with dimming compatibility).

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