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Thread: WBX-ADAPT completely flush - yes!

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    Red face WBX-ADAPT completely flush - yes!

    Using the WBX-ADAPT to expand a gang and install a Pico remote control is great when you want to create a All On / All Off scene by the touch of a button. Nevertheless, several users have mentioned that the WBX-ADAPT when installed on drywall ends up not being completely flush with the wall. If you notice well (pictures below), the WBX-ADAPT has a hard plastic flap on the back that is basically there to hold the finger pressure when the user presses the Pico buttons. But if you have drywall behind the flap is no longer needed and you can extract it from the adapter (the drywall will basically be the stopper). By removing the flap, the adapter stays completely flush against the wall. However, if there is a wallbox behind DO NOT remove the back flap, otherwise the Pico will tilt when the user applies pressure on the buttons.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You are correct Dimerize.

    If you are mounting the PICO-WBX-ADAPT directly to the wall, we instruct you to remove/recycle the "back flap" cover plate so it mounts better.

    If you are mounting it over a wall box, that cover plate needs to remain attached. Not only does it help with stability when pressing buttons on the front of the Pico, it also prevents building wires from possibly being exposed to users and avoids creating a potential shock hazard.

    Nice pictures by the way.

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    Excellent tip!

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    Thanks for the tip! Got my first ADAPT coming to install next week. I am thinking most of mine will be on drywall!

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