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Thread: Changing PNL-8s to HWBP-8Ds

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    Changing PNL-8s to HWBP-8Ds

    Once load assignment is complete, is there a simple way to change PNL-8s to HWBP-8Ds in the QS design tab?
    This is not usual, and I have a project that will probably make this request any day now. I suppose I could keep the design as-is and simply order the correct panels, but I'd like the database to reflect reality. Do I have to re-assign the loads in new panels?

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    Unfortunately, the panels cannot be changed in the software once defined. If you need to change to a breaker panel, the old panel would need to be deleted and the loads would have to be re-assigned to the new panel. The loads will not be deleted, just unassigned.

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