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Thread: Keyboard Navigation? Efficiency tips?

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    Keyboard Navigation? Efficiency tips?

    In the QS software, are there any keyboard shortcuts for navigation in the software? How about any shortcuts or functionality aimed at more efficient programming?

    The issue I currently have is while programming conditional buttons. Because there is no way that I have found to display fans, light areas and variables all at the same time, I have to traverse between the 9 actions multiple times. Currently, the only way I have found to do this is to click on the drop box and select the next action. Even if they just added next/prev buttons, it would be more efficient. Ideally tho, keyboard shortcuts to move between actions, change which category is displaying, cycle LED logic, ... would be appreciated.

    As for tips, I am looking to hear anything others have found. The one thing I found that is nice is the way groups work. If nothing in the group is currently selected and you pick a setting, it adds everything in the group at that setting. However, if you have a few things (or even just one item) already selected in a group and pick a setting, it applies the setting change to only the item(s) that are already added. This has been helpful numerous times.


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    Another tip... If you find that the program is taking a long time to switch between design/program/activate, try a database repair. I am not sure if it was coincidence, but everything was running extremely slow for me (many seconds between actions). After a repair, everything has been working smoothly for the last week and a half.


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