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Thread: TVM Kit vs DIN Module?

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    TVM Kit vs DIN Module?

    Upgrading some basement lighting that are currently on a HW-RPM-4R, going to 0-10V dimmable LEDS.

    I had read on another post: that I could possibly use a TVMKIT with the 4R.
    Did a quick mockup and the relay clicks off anytime it goes below 100% (TVM still is dimming just no power to the load). Curious if this still should work and I configured it wrong or just doesn't work with newer versions or something?

    Other options are swap to a 4A/4U and use a TVM or go with a LQSE-4T5-120-D. Other than future proofing, are there any significant upgrades to using the DIN Module over the RPM/TVM Kit?


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    The specs says it only works with a 4u. I suspect if you used a 4a and locked it in forward phase it would probably work.

    There are some restrictions on the TVM. For example, TVM1 is connected to module 1, output 1 in the software.
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