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Thread: Lutron Caseta Wireless Pico Remote + COB LED light strip

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    Lutron Caseta Wireless Pico Remote + COB LED light strip

    Looking to get some help with a system i'm trying to set up.


    • Be able to control a COB LED light strip with a Lutron Caseta Wireless Pico Remote


    • System needs to be able to be plugged into an AC power outlet.
    • Be able to control dimmability

    I've tried pairing the Armacost 24V COB light strip with the Armacost Standard LED Driver 24V DC, plugged into the Lutron Caseta Plug-in Lamp Dimmer (PD-3PCL). It will turn on and off but can not dim. There is also latency when turning it on and off (3-5 seconds) while using the pico remote that's paired with the plug-in dimmer. I'm open to other LED brands/systems but would ultimately like to be able to control the LED strip with a Lutron Caseta Wireless Remote.

    Any help, advice or solutions given the restrictions and goal would be much appreciated!

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Unfortunately the PD-3PCL is not compatible with dimming low-voltage applications. The Pico remote is able to pair to many different Lutron wireless-enabled devices outside of Caseta. We would recommend hardwiring the low-voltage driver to an in-wall low-voltage wireless-enabled dimmer (such as the PD-5NE Caseta ELV+ dimmer) that can still pair with a Pico remote.

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