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Thread: Control of Sunnata Dimmer Where Line/Hot from Different Electric Panel

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    Control of Sunnata Dimmer Where Line/Hot from Different Electric Panel

    I have a detached garage in close proximity to my residence. That garage has its own separate electric panel - not a subpanel from the house.
    I would like to use a Sunnata Keypad in the house to control a Sunnata switch in the garage. That is, the Line/Hot for the switch will come from the garage's electric panel.
    I know I can control the switch using a Pico Wireless Remote; however, I would like to integrate the exterior garage lights into some of my house's exterior lighting scenes.
    Can I use a keypad powered by one electric panel to control a switch powered by another panel in this way?
    Any advice will be much appreciated!
    Jeff R.

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    Sure! The house keypad communicates with the garage switch via R/F. As long as there is R/F connectivity, you should be fine. The source of the electrical service does not matter. You may want to review the guidelines for distance between devices to ensure you have reliable R/F connectivity.

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