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Thread: HQP7-1 Do not transfer - Apply database request

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    HQP7-1 Do not transfer - Apply database request

    Hi, I never experienced anything like this, the processor updated to the new firmware, but after I can`t transfer anything, I have an error on the "Apply database request for processor"... All other processors are running good with this firmware, I tried factory reset, transfer directly using the cable without using a network switch or router, I disabled antivirus and firewall, pray, everything I can, I`m thinking in maybe reinstall the firmware, but the software update don`t allow me to do, someone have a suggestion? of where is the firmware on my computer to force a manual firmware update again?

    thank you so much!

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    Hello, did you look to see if the software you are using is the same version as the firmware in the processor? The processors have the ability to update automatically over the cloud connection. It's possible that the processor firmware is newer than the software you are using. If you have not, you might want to download the latest software (currently 23.3 as of today) and open the file so it converts to that version and try the transfer again. Hope this helps.

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