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Thread: 4 way help

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    4 way help

    I have an existing wired 3 way in a kitchen. The 3 way is a dead-end three way (only travelers in the 2nd location. So, the wires aren’t used on either end as they would be for a “normal” 3 way.

    I need to make this a 4-way, and am hoping to accomplish this with Caseta. First attempt has failed.

    Can anyone walk me through the components I need along with wiring instructions.

    Appreciate any help

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    A 3-way circuit has (2) 3-way switches. A 4-way circuit has a 3-way switch at either end and 4-way switches in between.

    You will need a Caseta dimmer/switch that will work with a mechanical switch. Follow the Caseta instructions. However, the Caseta device CAN NOT go at the dead-end.
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    The easiest install would be to locate the wallbox that contains both your hot/line and load/switch leg. If it is a true dead-end four way, one wallbox will have both sets of travelers, the line wire, and the load wire all contained in that one wallbox. Install the Caseta switch as if it's in a single-pole application. Bypass the other two locations and mount Pico remotes in those wallboxes.

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