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Thread: Extracting Old Project File

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    Question Extracting Old Project File

    I understand you cannot extract a file prior to OS v6, but can I upgrade a v4 OS project to the current OS v9, and then extract, or is the limiting factor the OS version that created the project file, regardless of where it's at now?

    Basically, I went to go fix up a job that was done several years ago, saw the existing OS was 4.5, and am wondering if I should bother going down this road, or just go for broke and start from scratch, reprogramming everything. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Andrew, you can update the project file to a newer version but the firmware that is on the Main Repeater will not support the extraction. If you were to update the Main Repeater, it will erase any programming that is currently saved on the Main Repeater.

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    Ok, thanks. So, it sounds like the only recourse at this point would be to start from scratch. It might take a long time to redo everything, so I want to make sure I'm not missing some quicker solutions along the way.

    Thanks again,

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