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Thread: 0-10v dimming

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    0-10v dimming

    I have some new 0-10v dimming lights Can I use a caseta to control the on/off portion of a 3 way switch and have a non caseta 0-10 dimmer . I understand that I would not be able to control the dimming function but want to be able to turn on/off the light using the caseta controls

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    This can be done, but the Caseta switch and the non-Caseta 0-10v dimmer would not be able to work as a 3-way together; the wireless switching control and the analog dimming control will be entirely separate. This setup is not a standard installation that we have tested, so we cannot guarantee that it will work.

    The Caseta switch would be connected straight to the fixture to control the line-voltage switching, wired in essentially as single pole bypassing the second switch location. The 0-10v dimmer, such as the Diva DVTV, will only be connected to the fixture via the low-voltage dimming wires and would not wire in to the line-voltage at all. The DVTV will not be able to control any switching, only the dimming slider will affect the load. For 3-way control, you will want to pair a Pico wireless remote to the Caseta switch and mount that next to the DVTV dimmer on the wall (would not need wall-box space).

    Our recommended installation for 0-10v control in Caseta is to use the PD-10NXD Caseta Pro Dimmer with a GRX-TVI 0-10v module as the master control with either a Pico remote or a mechanical toggle switch as a 3-way companion.

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