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Thread: Button color swap

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    Button color swap

    I have several HRD-8ANS switches but alas none of them are white to match an upcoming remodel. I popped off the surrounding frame and the actual button rectangle is loose and appears to have been slipped in but the tabs seem fragile. My thought is to buy a regular white Maestro for $35, pop off its white parts and transplant them to my switch. I cannot do anything about the slider at the bottom but it's tiny anyway. Has anyone successfully done such a swap?

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    I have done it. The tabs are somewhat fragile. I have also replaced the slider/FASS. I slide a small screwdriver under it and pull up.

    Older, non-system Maestro's had larger holes for the indicator LEDs.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Did you get the white parts from a "regular" $35 Maestro?

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