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Thread: PD-FSQN and BAF Haiku-L fan

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    PD-FSQN and BAF Haiku-L fan

    I recently installed the Haiku L and a Lutron Caseta fan control. I was told I would need to use the 0-10v module for this setup to work but it works without the module installed. Even works with HomeKit.


    0-10v Module:

    I've been deciding how I like to use it best:
    Option 1: Full power at wall at all times, and change speeds (1-7) using the IR remote that came with the fan
    Option 2: Set fan to full power using IR remote that came with it, and then adjusting speed (1-4) at the wall

    But I guess I’m just wondering if I am damaging the fan or risking some kind of electric issue by running the fan from the Caseta fan controller without the 0-10v module?

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    I have similar question.

    Does anyone have experience connecting Haiku L Fans to their Lutron RA2 Select system?

    I have an existing RA2 Select System. We have several dozen lights connected to it, and our Sonos is connected, too. We mostly use the scenes feature.

    We recently bought some Haiku L Fans. We hope to add them to the Lutron App and our scenes. To facilitate the connection, we purchased the Haiku L 0–10 V Module.

    I am guessing that we need a Fan Speed Control RRD-2ANF, but that seems only to control the fan speed. What about the light?

    Thank you for any help you can give.

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    We installed two Haiku L fans and swapped out the default controllers with two 0-10 V Modules from Big *** Fans. Below is a link to the 0-10 V Modules.

    We ran seven wires from the ceiling fan to nearby closets. There, we installed two Lutron RF Dimming Modules with 0–10 V Controls (LMJ-5T-DV-B), one each for the ceiling fan light and speed.

    We ended up using three junction boxes. The main wires were in the middle box, and the two RF Dimming Modules were in the top and bottom boxes, respectively. See this installation guide.

    The key is to run the power and the four low-voltage wires between the fan, its new controller, and the RF Dimming Modules.

    Setting up the RF Dimming Modules in the Lutron app was easy. Now, we can control the ceiling fan lights and fan speeds separately. We have several pico remotes that allow us to control them both.

    Granted, this was not a cheap solution, but we are very happy with the result.

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