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Thread: Caseta and Big A** Fans Haiku L

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    Caseta and Big A** Fans Haiku L

    I recently installed the Haiku L and a Lutron Caseta fan control. I was told I would need to use the 0-10v module for this setup to work but it works without the module installed. Even works with HomeKit.

    I guess I’m just wondering if I am damaging the fan or risking some kind of electric issue by running the fan from the Caseta fan controller without the 0-10v module?

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    The PD-FSQN Caseta Fan control does not use 0-10v control for regulating the fan speed. The link provided states that this module would only be used to integrate the fan into a 0-10v controlled circuit. We would best recommend reaching out to BigAssFans to inquire whether their fans work with third-party line-voltage fan-speed controls, which the PD-FSQN would be in this case.

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