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Thread: Dimming module 0-10V and Driver

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    Dimming module 0-10V and Driver

    Greetings to all.
    I have an ELG-150-48B 3Y driver and a luxolar luminaire LUX.ELA2306S.BC 6W 48V, I want to control the luminaire with a 0-10V LMJ-5T-DV-B module, but it does not do the dimming function, it remains constant light. I want to know if they are compatible. The luminaire does not indicate that it is dimmable on its label. what do you suggest me please?

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    Hello. Did you make sure to properly connect the 0-10V wires from the Mean Well driver to the terminals on the PowPak? The driver is 0-10V dimmable according to the specification sheet, so you should not have issues with compatibility if the connections are made properly. One test to make sure the driver dims the LEDs properly is to touch the + and - wires together from the driver. When they are together, the lights should go to their dimmest level. When they are separated, the lights should go to their brightest level. Hope this helps!

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