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Thread: What is the best solution to this scenario?

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    What is the best solution to this scenario?

    Hello, I am wanting to purchase some lighting controls and am not sure what I need to select. I will outline my scenario below. I hope i posted this in the right forum.

    On one circuit, three traditional can lights accent a fireplace and one can light in the corner of the room accents a corner cabinet. Controlled by a Lutron dimmable wired switch (dv600p)
    Fan in the middle of the room, wired directly from panel. Controlled by a wireless remote.

    1. Leave current 4 traditional can lights, perhaps replace bulbs with LEDís
    2. Replace fan with a light fan combo. Control the light from the wall with a wireless switch. (I donít mind pulling the chain on the fan to operate the fan if I have to)
    3. Add 6 LED can lights to the room. They will be on a separate dimmable wireless switch. (probably put a junction box in the attic and use the wire that is coming to the fan currently. The fan/light combo and 6 new cans will be wired from the same source wire but switched differently.)
    4. End up with three dimmable switches (controlling existing cans, new fan/light, and new cans) at the same location and ideally have them all look the same.

    What do I need to buy from Lutron the make my plan work? (I need wireless switches for the added lights because it would be extremely difficult to get a wire fished down the wall to the new switches.)

    Thank you!


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    I am not sure I understood much, an electrical plan would have helped. There is no such thing as a "wireless switch", all lamps at some point need a physical switch, either hidden or on the wallbox. What those switches have are a radio transceiver that allows them to be controlled wirelessly via ClearConnect. Lutron's Caseta switches and dimmers are available for LED bulbs, MLVs/ELVs, fans, CFLs, halogen, and incandescent lights. You need to choose the right one compatible with the load and pair them with Pico remote controls that you can either keep standalone or fix on the wall like a normal dimmer (but without the wiring needed). Note: whatever you do with your wiring, always follow NEC code.

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