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Thread: Use with fluorescent fixture/not using dimmer

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    Use with fluorescent fixture/not using dimmer

    Can I use the PD-6WCL for a fluorescent fixture if I do not want to use the dimmer feature? I was sold the Caseta Wireless specifically for this use, but in reading the enclosed directions it does not indicate use with fluorescrent fixtures/bulbs. I am an elderly homeowner and do not want to pay for an electrician to come out if the unit should not be used for this purpose. Thank you.

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    No. All dimmers have a minimum level of high-end trip. I.e. they take 10% off the top. If your fluorescent isn't dimmable it will do weird things that will make you say bad words.

    There is a Caseta switch PD-5ANS or PD-6ANS.
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    Randyc is correct. The PD-6WCL is not rated, or designed, for fluorescent lights. As mentioned, if dimming is not required a Caseta on/off switch would be the best option. There are two types of Caseta switches: neutral-required and non-neutral switches. The PD-5ANS / PD-6ANS / DVRF-5NS all require a neutral connection. The PD-5WS-DV does not have a neutral but does require installation of the included capacitor for fluorescent, CFL, or LED lights to function properly.

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