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Thread: RA3 with multiple buildings

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    RA3 with multiple buildings

    Have a RA3 system going in at what I will call the "Main House". Client now wants to add more devices in a secondary building which is referred to as the "Barn". The "Main House" is about 150' away from the the barn.

    Both of these building are tied together on the same network (LAN). ISP modem feeds network router in "Main House" which then has a hardwired feed to a network switch in the "Barn".


    Will I have any issues with installing a RR-PROC3 in the Main House and a RR-PROC3 in the Barn, to operate as a single system? In the same manner one would typically layout a Homeworks system?

    I am assuming this will be fine but I want to make sure. Some of verbiage on the system guidelines has me second guessing this approach.

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    Where is this system located? I am designing a nearly identical system. The 2nd building is also called "the barn!" All of my devices are going to be Type A. I plan to use aux repeaters to reach a smaller 3rd building.

    I believe it will work fine. Keep in mind that they are not 2 independent systems. If you loose network between the 2 some devices may not work properly because that portion of the program is on the other PROC3.

    What did you read that made you question the layout?
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