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Thread: First Time Homeowner Needing Help Selecting Compatible Caseta Products

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    First Time Homeowner Needing Help Selecting Compatible Caseta Products

    I would like to start swapping out old light switches with smart switches that will work with Google Home. I've checked a few existing switches and I don't have a neutral wire (built in 74), so that's how I've landed on the Lutron Caseta product line. A few questions...

    1. I see there's a standard and pro version of the hub. Can I do what I've described above using the standard hub? When is the pro version necessary?

    2. Is it common to need a repeater? My house is three levels counting the basement, about 1200 sq ft on each level.

    3. I've found that the following models do not require a neutral: PD-5WS, PD-6WCL, DVRF-6L and PD-10NXD. All of these models are dimmer switches. For now I would be swapping out switches that feed existing lighting circuits that are not currently on dimmers. Does Lutron make a smart switch - no neutral required - without dimming? Or is possible to disable the dimming function somehow? Or, if only dimming switches are available, what types of lights can't go on a dimmer switch?

    Any advice would be appreciated :)

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    The PD-5WS-DV is not a dimmer and doesn't require a neutral wire. This switch is part of the pro line and works with either hub.

    The standard hub only supports 75 devices.
    The pro hub supports up to 100 devices and integrates with more shades and alarms systems than the standard does.

    Both hubs can communicate with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

    Caseta Wireless:
    Caseta PRO:

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    Your house should have neutral wires in most boxes. They are probably buried in the back of the box as dimmers and switches didn't need a neutral connection until recently. Neutral devices are going to give you more options for LEDs and better performance. They also cost more.

    Dimmers are big so it may be a struggle to get them to fit in older boxes.

    If you were able to locate the hub near the center of the house on the middle floor you might be able to get away with no repeaters.

    FYI, the plug-in dimmer can be used as a repeater (only 1 per system). It is also the only device that can be converted to non-dim.

    Standard and pro hubs are limited to 75 devices. This includes the Pico remotes. RA2 select supports 100 devices. It also uses companion dimmers and switches instead of Pico remotes. The companions are more expensive but they don't count towards the device limit. You can still use Pico's as remotes or keypads.
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    Just to reiterate some of the points already made:

    The PD-5WS-DV is an on/off Caseta switch that does not have a neutral connection, however when controlling LED, CFL, or Fluorescent lights the included capacitor (LUT-MLC) must be installed.

    Both the Standard and Pro hubs are limited to 75 devices (including the hub itself and repeater). The Pro hub does support TelNet integration as well as additional A/V, security, and shading solutions.
    One point here is the DVRF-6L when used with the DVRF-AS accessory switches; the accessory switches do not count towards the total device limit. Only the DVRF-6L will.

    Concerning range, the Caseta smart hub is rated for up to 2500 sq. ft. of coverage. Depending upon where you install the hub it could potentially completely cover the home. One repeater (PD-REP-WH) and one plug-in lamp dimmer (PD-3PCL) can be used as range extenders in a Caseta system to boost the signal. The RF range of a hub to another device is 30 feet through obstructions.

    When dimming LEDs, utilize our LED finder tool at for a list of compatible LEDs with your Caseta dimmer.

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