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Thread: Alexa/Caseta Lights On Command-exclude lights?

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    Alexa/Caseta Lights On Command-exclude lights?

    Alexa sees my Caseta wall dimmers as being Device Type: Light. Therefore, if I add a Caseta dimmer to a Room in Alexa, by default that wall dimmer will react to the “Lights On/Off” command. But what if that dimmer controls lighting that I prefer NOT react to that command? My only solution is to not add those wall dimmers to any rooms? Thanks for any advice y’all can provide. I have super bright recessed lights on a Caseta dimmer that I prefer not react to the Lights On command.

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    Another option is to create a separate group within the Alexa app and add only the devices you want controlled to that group. Then you can trigger commands to just that group where the other Caseta dimmer is excluded.

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    I don't do much in Alexa but can you create a scene? Instead of saying "turn bedroom on" you could say "turn that awesome scene that randyc described on." The scene would exclude the super bright recessed lights or maybe have them turn on at a lower percentage.

    After rereading, that sounds a lot like what Jonathan K said.
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