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Thread: Qsx v23.1.0

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    Qsx v23.1.0

    Dear Lutron

    Can you please undo all the changes you did in this current version
    Problem 1
    Programs keep getting corrupted . I have tried to upgrade from previous version to the lates and download but the file has been corrupted so I have had to completely reprogram the whole job. This has happened twice
    Problem 2
    The software and the processor keeps forgetting each other. I can go to multiple jobs the processor can be found by the software and be assigned but won’t let me download to the processor. This has only happened on the late version. The only way to get round this is reset the processor and activate the processor again
    Problem 3
    The boot up time is so long now . and when you think its booted up it resets again disappears from the software and comes back again . This can happen multiple times before it settles down

    I can’t believe this is just happening to me !

    Bruce Pearce

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    Thanks for the heads up! The previous version should still be installed on your computer. I'd roll back the system to that version and wait for
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