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Thread: QSPS-P1-10-60 with RadioRa2?

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    QSPS-P1-10-60 with RadioRa2?

    Could someone tell me if QSPS-P1-10-60 works with RadioRa2 or not?


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    The QSPS-P1-10-60 is a power supply for the wireless shades. It does not activate on a system. The shades will have an internal antenna or external dongle for the system (HWQS, RR2, or Caseta) to talk to the shade directly. As long as the shades ordered are QS Wireless or Triathlon, they will work with RadioRA2.
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    Thanks for your reply. Last question I have, does RadioRa2 works with Sivoia QS shades/drapery or only with Sivoia QS wireless shades/drapery. Thanks!!

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    nobra, Radio Ra2 will work with Sivoia QS wireless of Triathlon shades. It does not have the ability to work with wired Sivoia Shades.

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    Although the QSPS-P1-10-60 would work for RadioRa2/Sivoia QS wireless, it's design is for a wired shade system. We do offer a power panel that is of the wireless equivelent. Here is a link to the spec sheet. This provides power only connections for the shades.
    We also offer a power panel for the triathlon shades (wireless only communication type) Here is a link to that power panel spec sheet

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