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Thread: MyRoom Keypad on HQP6-2?

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    MyRoom Keypad on HQP6-2?

    The MWP-B-44W is listed in the same row as the HQWT-B-P44W in the Palladiom QS Keypad Base Unit documentation.

    When I add the HQWT-B-P44W to a system in Designer and try to activate it, it gives me the error "The device heard was not the selected device. You have pressed the button on a myRoom Palladiom Keypad. You can still activate this device by clicking on "activate" link to the right of the myRoom Palladiom Keypad device(s) who button was just pressed."

    This makes it look like the MWP will work with QS, but it does not show up in the toolbox options.

    Any suggestions?

    thank you,

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    @spacebar clicker, Can you give him some advices?

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