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Thread: Occupancy sensor channel change LRF@-OCRB-P

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    Occupancy sensor channel change LRF@-OCRB-P

    I can't do these steps, I get to step 3, I don't understand steps 4 and 5.

    1 remove the battery from the sensor.
    2 replace the battery and within 5seconds press and hold:
    - test button,
    - ight button,
    - and one of the gray bbuttons on the back.
    3 hold for approximately 6 seconds until the dome stars to flash quicly.
    4 if the dome stops flashing before your sensor is on the correct channel, go back to step 1.
    5 press the light button repeatedly to cycle through the sensor's channels.
    6 when the sensor reachers the same channel as the link, a message will pop up.
    7 Close the pop-up.
    8 wait7 seconds, then press the test button to confirm that it is on the correct channel. The pop-up will reappear. if it doesn't, wait 7 seconds and try again.
    9 once the correct channel has been found, press and hold the following buttons for approximately 6 seconds until the dome stops flashing to save the channel and exit channel mode: -
    light button,
    -test button.

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    Thank you for your inquiry. To make sure we can help you the best way possible and collect more information about the steps you're following, we strongly encourage you to email or give our team a call at 1-888-Lutron1. The channel change experience is an area where we have received feedback in the past and it's best followed live to help make sure the steps are going as expected. Thank you!

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