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Thread: Design layout help of Home/Away keypad

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    Design layout help of Home/Away keypad

    Ive struggled multiple times in designing this setup; Keypad mounted by entry door with (2) Home/Away buttons. As customer comes home and hits "Home" Ive had usually some entry lights, pathway, and kitchen come on etc. Now my issue is what method should be used to then transition from this scene to the next or essentially have this scene turn off so that the HO doesnt have to go back to separate load dimmers to turn of that entry light, hall light etc. It seems like doing a second scene button in the kitchen for that scene as "off" etc is a waste and incorporating another scene to turn those loads off like "dinner" or "evening" will sometimes unintentionally cause those lights to be turned off when HO doesnt want them off if that scene was turned on while home (and not upon returning home) etc. Hope I made it somewhat clear. Thank you

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    Did you try using the Program-Occupancy in Designer and turn off the entry area lights after a specified timeout?

    I've done something a little unique here dedicating a separate switch to this keypad just to keep the Sunnata Keypad LED's lit appropriately. I then use that switch as a trigger in other conditional logic capable systems eg. C4 or HomeKit (RA3 doesn't do this) to trigger the lighting scenes for welcome home-daylight and welcome home-nighttime.

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    I have not and I will try that thank you. My concern is that time out occ will place to the zone as a whole and regarlesss if a scene or a toggle turns that load on it'll always timeout under the time set in programming. I'll test it out. Yeah unfortunately those limitations are in RA3 but not in QS and thats the difference in the systems

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