There are at least three problems with their LED search form.
  1. It doesn't tell you the color of the light
  2. It doesn't have an option to choose the new Pro Caseta 250 Watt dimmer from the old 150 watt. Are we to assume compatibility is the same.
  3. I don't think you can ctrl-click multiple lights. e.g. BR30 and BR40.
  4. And provide the ability to select the model number instead along with a link to the PDF. It is faster to copy and paste model numbers into a search engine.

Aside from that. Can anyone suggest dimmable daylight bulbs they have had success with.

Here is my experience with the Lutron PD-10NXD-WH Caseta Pro In Wall Dimmer 250W LED / 1000W 1. Amazon: TCP RLBR3010W50KD2 LED BR30 - 65 Watt Equivalent (10W) Daylight (5000K) Dimmable Flood Light Bulb - 2 Pack

  • These will dim down to nothing. Great.
  • Price: I think it is high. About 24$ for a two pack shipped

2. Amazon: TCP LBR301050KND6 LED BR30 - 65 Watt Equivalent Daylight (5000K) Flood Light Bulb - 6 Pack
  • Not dimmable. And if you search Amazon on Dimmable, this is the first result returned. I am in the process of returning them as I swap them with dimmable bulbs.

3. I got some OSRAM BR30's at Lowe's. I can't find the link. I'll update when I find the model.
  • Dimmable, But I could only install 3 on a dimmer. After 3 the two lights on the dimmer start flashing and you have to pull out the power switch at the bottom to turn them off.

So for right now. If I can't get a recommendation for a BR30 Daylight from Lutron or someone else with experience. I'll be slowly adding the TCP RLBR3010W50KD2 bulbs into the mix.
FYI. When I told Amazon I needed to return the TCP non-dimmable bulbs. They gave me a packing slip and it was no charge for returning them.