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Thread: Customizing Fan Speed Controller

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    Customizing Fan Speed Controller

    I purchased a Home Decorators ceiling fan that only operates with a remote. I tried to bypass the receiver and wire the fan motor into a Lutron AYFSQ-F-WH but the switch did not seem to drop speed of the motor from what I could tell. I have confirmed that the motor is AC and the receiver box inside the fan has a sticker that says "5uf + 6uf", which I assume are the cap values for lowering the fan speed. The cap values in the Lutron AYFSQ-F-WH are listed as 4.7K and 9K. I have read that cap values need to be exact to work. Disregarding any sort of warranty on the switch or the fan, if I were to swap the caps from the receiver with the ones in the Lutron switch, is it at all possible that it would work or would there be more than just the capacitors needed to drop the fan speed?

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    Hello. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend swapping the capacitors from the receiver to the AYFSQ-F. This will void the device's UL conformity. Generally, Lutron fan speed controllers work best with fans that have pull chains and no receiver/remote.

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    As mentioned above, if does not have a remote then FSQ is ok. Most new installations with fans that have a remote, we let the property owner know that we only turn the fan on/off and it typically comes on in the last speed setting(via the remote).

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