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Thread: Help!!!diva dvstv dimmer with he williams lt - intermittent dimming

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    Help!!!diva dvstv dimmer with he williams lt - intermittent dimming

    Hello community, I need help. I have been working on a warranty issue for a commercial installation in which we had replaced some fixtures with LED troffers (2x2 and 2x4). We also installed new Diva DVST dimmers in some rooms and regular toggle switches in the other. Every week the very difficult client rep "claims" there is intermittent blink that happens. I have done the following to trouble shoot:

    -Power quality monitor from the city to panel to ensure that there is consistent power supply
    -Ran dedicated neutrals (this building shared neutrals across circuits)
    -Removed the dimmer and put in a toggle switch (although the client did not fully confirm or provide any recording of the flicker)

    This client is demanding that I increase my warranty to 2.5 years (standard is 1 year) and the MFG from 5-10 years (umm that is ridiculous)

    I have replaced drivers in areas they claimed blinked, however, i sent those drivers to be tested and what do you know they work perfectly fine.

    I have suggested to my senior/director to do power quality with a Fluke meter at the box (load in to the fixture), but they dont seem to want to do that.

    Side note they claim ( I have not been able to witness) that this is happening in all the fixtures. I have spent thousands on manhours, time (4 hours today alone) material to fi this issue but the claim is still the same: intermittent blink.

    Any suggestions? I am open to anything. I am about to replace all the drivers on my dime.

    SP, Project Manager Healthcare Services (Commercial Construction)

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    Would it be possible for you to give our Tech Support team a call? This is a matter we would like to look further into this and help you come up with a solution. You can reach us at 1-888-588-7661 or you can email .

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    Have you heard anything updated about this? I believe the device need regular maintenance.

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