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Thread: Dimmer In-Line DITTCL100HWH

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    Dimmer In-Line DITTCL100HWH

    I'm in a retail setting, not a residence - and need an in-line dimmer for an LED chandelier. The spec for the Credenza lists table and floor lamps only. But the max wattage for the Credenza is 250W incandescent or 100W LED.

    The chandelier in question has dedicated LED sockets - and wattage of 45w (3600lm). I just was hoping to confirm that it is safe to use the Credenza in this way. Thank you

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    The TTCL-100H is capable of handling that much LED load. If the preferred method of powering the chandelier is via an outlet, this is a good option. We also suggest picking out some compatible LED bulbs from our "LED Finder" too. This link will provide you our complete list for the TTCL-100H: LED Compatibility Tool | Lutron

    However, if the chandelier is controlled via an existing switch, we recommend powering these lights off of a dedicated inwall dimmer. Our LED+ family of dimmers can be found here: LED Dimmer Switches | Lutron

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