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Thread: Which product

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    Which product

    I need a timer and dimmer for my outside porch and garage lights ? Which one will dimmer and have an updated dawn dusk time or scheduled time ? Also how does it work if the power goes out temporarily or phone app is off ?

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    Any normal dimmer or switch can do timeclocks, as that is a function of the Homeworks programming itself. You can setup a dawn/dusk timeclock to turn on/off specific lights at specific times, or relative to sunrise/sunset (at, 15 minutes before/after, 30 minutes before/after, etc.) which automatically adjusts as long as the processor is on the network and can reach the internet.

    As for what happens when the power is out, again it's a function of the programming, so if the processor looses power, it can't send out commands when the timeclock hits.

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