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Thread: Sunnata dimmer flashing LEDs 1,3,9

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    Sunnata dimmer flashing LEDs 1,3,9


    I installed several RRST-PRO-N dimmers and one is misbehaving. It's a single dimmer, no companions. When power came on it started flashing LEDs 1, 3, and 9 (as best as I can tell, starting from the top). I was able to hold a button to put into activation mode, and able to activate it in the app, but while the app thinks it's activated, Lutron Designer thinks it isn't, and after activation it went back to flashing those LEDs. I tried factory resetting and activating again, and same behavior. I can't figure out what that code means...does anyone have any clue?


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    Figured it out: I was counting LEDs from the wrong side (starting at top instead of bottom) so it was 1, 7, 9. The previous Maestro dimmer had its load/hot wires reversed and I had simply connected like-to-like when swapping it for the Sunnata.

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