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Thread: Is there any known issue with 6NA and AFCI (arc fault) breakers?

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    Is there any known issue with 6NA and AFCI (arc fault) breakers?

    We just installed a bunch of 6NA dimmers in a new basement, and the AFCI (arc fault) breaker is tripping sporadically every few days. Is there any known issue with RadioRA2 and the 6NA dimmers with AFCI breakers? I read about the 1000W max for all Maestro dimming controls, but it wasn't clear if that would explain what I'm seeing. We are a little under 1000W on that circuit.

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    When any dimmer is being fed by an AFCI circuit it can cause nuisance tripping, especially when over 1000 watts. The RRD-6NA isn't any more prone to causing this, I would suggest moving a dimmer to a different AFCI circuit somewhere else in the house and see if it causes the same issue. If it doesn't cause the breaker to trip there, then this may be caused by something else on the circuit such as the load, or the breaker itself.

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    Thank you for the reply. It turns out we had slightly over 1000 watts across multiple dimmers on the same circuit. We moved a few lights to a different circuit, so hopefully that will prevent the nuisance tripping. Thanks!

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