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Thread: Adding a smart switch to a 4 switch circuit

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    Adding a smart switch to a 4 switch circuit

    My garage has LED lights (4 foot lights).

    There are currently 4 on/of switches that turn them on/off. These work fine, and were professionally installed.

    I cannot tell from my living space if these lights are on/off, so I was thinking adding a smart switch would work.

    It would be nice to be able to set up a schedule to automatically turn the off at a particular time.

    I opened one of the existing switches and there are:

    1 red wire
    1 white wire
    1 black wire
    1 bare copper wire

    What switch is recommended? I would like to connect to my wifi network.

    Will I be able to replace just one of the switches?

    Any instructions on what wire goes where?

    Other considerations?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hello Mabry,
    Since your installation will have 4 switch locations, you will not be able to leave the 3 standard toggle switches if you replace one with a Caseta switch. Because Caseta devices are digital controls, they require a closed circuit at all times to function properly which would be impeded by the standard 4-way wiring in this installation. Depending on whether you have a neutral bundle available to tie in to at any of the 4 locations, you can use either the original-style Neutral-required switches (PD-6ANS, PD-5ANS, or DVRF-5NS) or the non-neutral Pro switch (PD-5WS-DV). At the remaining locations, you will need to use wall-mounted 2-button Pico remotes as the companion devices (or the accessory switch if you used the DVRF-5NS master).

    Linked here are articles from the Caseta support site on the original-style switches and the new Caseta Claro Smart Switch and companion accessory switch.

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