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Thread: Pico switches for RA2 select system

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    Pico switches for RA2 select system


    I'm relatively new to installing a home automation system and i believe that RA2 select is a different product range from RadioRA2, but i could not find the right thread for RA2 select, so decided to post here. Please redirect me if i should be asking my question elesewhere.

    I'm currently designing the RA2 select system for my villa and have procured most of the relays, dimmers, hubs, switches etc. I am falling short of a few 4 button switches. The ones i previously got were PK2-4B-TAW-P02. Now I'm looking for PK2-TAW-4B-L31. But every all i can find is PJ2-4B-GWH-L31. Although they look the same, I'm not sure if one can be used instead of the other. Can I buy PJ2-4B-GWH-L31 be used instead of PK2-4B-TAW-P02?

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    No. The J models uses 434 MHz frequencies. They are primarily intended for North America. The K models use 868 MHz which I think is the rest of the world. There are some other codes. You are going to need the K model if that is what is designated for your country.

    No pics of the villa??
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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