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Thread: 3-way setup, Caseta Diva Dimmer on load side?

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    Question 3-way setup, Caseta Diva Dimmer on load side?


    I'm considering a move to Caseta now that the Diva dimmers are available, but I have two 3-way situations where the switch at the line-side is rarely used and "the household" demands that the switch at the load side is where the dimming happens. All the support docs I've been able to find show the Caseta switch at the line side, so I was wondering if it's even possible to have the dimmer at the load side?

    I have no preference whether the line side would be a mechanical switch or Claro Accessory, so long as we can dim from the load side.

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    The Diva smart dimmer can be installed on either the line or load side in a 3-way configuration. For example, here is a wiring diagram for the DVRF-6L and DVRF-AS in a 3-way. You will notice the controls are interchangeable per the wiring diagram.

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    Thanks, this is good news indeed. It seemed like it should work but I was thrown by the ambiguity in the diagrams where the switches aren't labeled. I guess that was intended to indicate it doesn't matter which is which.

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