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Thread: Low voltage divider behind keypad?

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    Low voltage divider behind keypad?

    We are eliminating the dimmers in the J-Box and installing wired keypads instead in the same box. Are there any low voltage dividers that can go behind the keypad in order for the electricians to retain access to the wiring? We have plenty of depth and can change the j-boxes as well; we are just trying to avoid expanding the gang spaces and keeping the wall plates as narrow as possible.

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    They make a LV divider that separates right and left. I'm not aware of one that separates front to back. You could use AC keypads that would eliminate the need for separation.
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    Much rather use hard wired ones for reliability; maybe some kind of a plastic flange surrounding the keypads? Kind of like the pico wall box adapter but deeper?

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    There is an exception in the code that allows LV wire in the box. It must be used to control a device in the box. It can't be a junction or pass through unless it is connected to a device. The LV wire must be the same rating as the line voltage wire (typically 600v). The code does talk about 1/4 inch separation. One inspector had me put heat shrink on the wire. I'd talk to the local inspector and see what he has to say.
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