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Thread: 15.13.1 Homeworks QS Transfer program failing ''Unlinked Objects''

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    15.13.1 Homeworks QS Transfer program failing ''Unlinked Objects''


    i keep getting an error message when i am transfering the program.
    after 15 min i get to step 85 and the error message ''unlinked objects'' appears.
    The complete lighting system is unresponsive and i will have to start the transfer again.
    It can take up to 5 times of transering before it will pass the step 85.

    I can see in the diagnostic tool that at the time the step 85 error appears the processor gets an reset with the following error:
    Reset Cause: 20 (SOFT=1 WDR=0 POR=0 EXT=0 LOC=0 LOL=0) OSREV: 15.13.0

    With kind regards,


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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Hello, if you have not tried so, go to help "repair project file" and see if that helps. If that does not, you can send in a support file with the screenshot of the issue to Lutron technical support group to review.

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