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Thread: sunnata devices not detected in Lutron app

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    sunnata devices not detected in Lutron app

    Greetings, I have the following problem: I have a sunnata dimmer and a sunnata switch which I had already used in a project in the Lutron designer software and physically tested with correct operation, but then I created another new project file and when I use the app Lutron devices do not detect sunnata devices. How do I unlink the sunnata devices so that they are detected by the app again?

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    You will need to default your devices in order to app them into a new project.
    The RRST-PRO-N and the RRST-8ANS both default using the same process (TTH TTR).
    Tap three times and hold on the third tap, wait for the LED indicators to scroll up and down or flash, then tap three more times without holding.
    You should see the load turn off and on 3 times indicating the default was successful.

    We hope this sheds some light!

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    Thank you very much for your help, your instructions worked for me.

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    Why cant they make these able to be activated in the designer software like every other Lutron device? This is silly to have to use the app AND the software on a custom solution. This isnt entry level stuff like Caseta!

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    The only thing I can guess is that they figure it's easier to walk around with your iPad than a laptop to do the activations. In any case, walking through a house and activating 30 devices with the iPad doesn't take very long.

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