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Thread: Please help me dim or change out this strange LED light

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    Question Please help me dim or change out this strange LED light

    Hi everyone, I bought some dimmer switches (these ones - for my kitchen and bathroom overheads which were newly installed, but the LEDs just flash or blink rapidly once the dimmers are connected. I was able to switch back to non-dimmable switches but the lights as they are now are just terrible, way too bright and color temp around 4000K.

    It was actually some contractors from the city (New York) who installed them, I believe as part of an efficiency initiative, so I am not able to contact them or get them back over here myself or through my landlord. The landlord in general is not helpful here since these are rent-stabilized apartments so they always do the minimum and had no part in these new lights anyway; instead, we have an agreement that lets me do whatever renovations I want. Here are some pictures of the fixture:

    So far, I was able to find Nextech but they seem to be involved with just the electrical components and the driver, not the LEDs themselves. Lutron was not able to help with finding compatible dimmers. The LED board or whatever it is called does not seem to have much branding or documentation, I wasn't able to find their website or much information about what this thing even is. I did read online somewhere that these types of lights (Luminaires?) sometimes have a switch that can change the color temperature directly and you may notice from the pictures that it does list some temps and the 4000k box is checked. So my questions are:

    Can you help me find the switch or setting on this LED board itself that can reduce the color temperature?

    If that is not possible, can you help me find compatible dimmer switches to buy? I do prefer the style and aesthetic I linked above.

    If that is not possible, I will probably just replace the whole fixture, so do you have any recommendations that are compatible with the switches I already bought? That dimmability, as well as having easily replaceable bulbs would be my preference. I don't really like that this board has a separate driver box and looks like it would be hard to fix or replace. I have nothing against LEDs, I just prefer screw in bulbs or similar.

    Thanks so much!

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    The Nextech website says that driver is non-dimmable. You can replace the driver but it is probably cheaper to replace the fixture.

    The dimmer won't change the color output unless you have a driver specially designed to do so. Most of the designers I work with like the 2700-3000 temp range.

    If you are looking at a new fixture, make sure it says something like dimmable with incandescent dimmer, forward phase dimming, or leading edge dimming.
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    Got it, yeah, I will probably just replace the fixture, as it is cheap and ugly anyway. A lot of the listings just say dimmable, not the type, and while I do prefer LED they all seem to be integrated which makes it hard (impossible?) to check with the compatibility tool. I do prefer bulbs for that and other reasons but this seems to be the way it is now. I will try to contact the lighting store people to see if they can give more details on the type of dimmability. Also, someone else on a different forum mentioned "triac" dimmable, is that related?

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