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Thread: RA2 to RA3 Upgrade (Visor Integration)

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    RA2 to RA3 Upgrade (Visor Integration)

    Just updated my personal house from RA2 to RA3.
    I have a Visor control that has a garage door physical sensor attached to the input.
    Thru URC RA2 driver I am able to CLI "listen" to the input command:
    Closes = ~DEVICE,51,33,3
    Opens = ~DEVICE,51,33,4

    Then I run a macro to make an announcement.

    So... update to RA3
    New URC Driver
    No real way to "listen"

    What I am trying is to add a dummy load 8ANS in the garage and use that as open = on closed = off
    Wising that RA3 has a command on the back end that would allow for the listening of the inputs.

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    Either a dummy load is only way or if you don't have 4 car garage... change one or more of the CCO's to Maintained CCO instead of pulsed.
    This way, the input CCI triggers the CCO, then the URC driver can track that output.
    I named the output Garage Door Status
    When you change to Maintained it will show up in the report.

    I would ask Lutron, they need to add the ablity to track the CCI on the Visor as well as Keypad with in HWQSX...
    The work around is on any CCI, you program a Keypad hit virtually.

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