I have two identical rooms each with it's own sensor and programming. One room works fine, the other one doesn't. I can't figure it out for the life of me. Already deleted the sensor and reactivated it. I'm pretty sure from the logs that the processor is getting the on commands, but it isn't responding.

I have condition programming as follows:
If Occupancy Sensor State is "on" AND Time of Day is From 45 min before Sunset to Sunrise Then
Run "Medium".

I use the variable "Occupancy Sensor State" to switch the sensors on and off using a button. I check in diagnostics and the variable is in the correct ON state. I have another room with the exact same programming that works as expected, but the troublesome room only turns off the loads but won't turn them on. I've checked by pressing the button on the sensor. I checked to see that "Medium" is set to have the loads on 50%, etc.

Somehow I think the processor isn't evaluating the logic of the conditional correctly. Is this possible? Anyone experience anything like this?