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Thread: Lutron Diva - ceiling fan hum increases with power

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    Question Lutron Diva - ceiling fan hum increases with power

    I have a Craftmade ceiling fan (Craftmade TEA52SB4-UCI) which I personally just installed -- our bedroom has 2 separate switches as well. One wired for the light on the ceiling fan and the other switch wired to the ceiling fan. Previous ceiling fan was wired same - I switched out the old fan with the Craftmade fan. FYI, the new fan has no "pull strings" and no remote -- it comes with a "dual dimmer switch" (2 separate manual slides)... so yes, the fan always on "high" and no ability change it lower without a "dimmer". The original "dumb on/off switches" both worked great with old and new fan - fan and light turned on separately. I had 2 Lutron Diva Dimmer switches (DVCL-153PR-WH) and wanted to replaced the 2 dumb switches to "dim" the light and fan. Light (LED) works correctly and dims without issues... the fan though hums overly loudly and when the "speed/dimmer" is increased on the switch, the hum on the ceiling fan is even louder. Loud enough noise, even on "low", that it would not be possible to sleep with it on. Just to be sure - the humming noise comes from the fan itself and not the switch.

    At the ceiling, the ceiling fan is wired with a black, white and blue/red wires for the 2 different switches on the wall.

    I tried the following and it did nothing:
    - flipped the black wires (this wall switch) only had 2 black wires and ground. Should I only be using 1 black wire from the wall? No, the fan wall switch does not have a white wire.

    I did try using the 2 black wires and ground to the 2 black wires on the "double slider switch" that came with the fan. Yes, this works again without the hum/noise. I also flipped back to the original dumb on/off switch and it works without a hum too.

    Thoughts on how to prevent the hum and still get the fan to "dim"? I have multiple other rooms with same fan and dual wall switches so really want to decipher the correct lutron dimmer switch to use and how to make it work correctly.

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    Good afternoon. The DVCL-153P is a dimmer that is designed to control lighting loads, not fan motors. We would recommend using the DVFSQ-F for the fan speed control. This device was designed to control fan motors and has the components to properly control it quietly.

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