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Thread: factory reset an rr-proc3 processor

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    factory reset an rr-proc3 processor


    How to factory reset a rr-proc3 processor?

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    Follow these steps to reset your processor
    -Unplug your processor for 30 seconds. (The default must be done within 30 minutes of a power cycle)
    -Plug the processor back in and wait 30-60 seconds for it to boot back up.
    -Using the single button on the front of the processor you will need to perform a triple tap and hold, triple tap release.
    -TTTH and hold until it flashes magenta-blue-magenta-blue...release and then TTTR the processor will start flashing blue.
    -When completed/rebooted, the processor goes back to the single green flash every 10-15 seconds which indicates it's back in operation.

    We hope this sheds some light!

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    I didn't know exactly those steps, the manual doesn't indicate them, I figured it was because of the button on the front, thanks for telling me how to do it.
    Greetings from Venezuela-Caracas.

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