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Thread: Sunnata RRST-8ANS is not in toolbox

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    Sunnata RRST-8ANS is not in toolbox

    Greetings to all.

    I am writing to help me find out: why does the sunnata RRST-8ANS switch not appear in my toolbox?
    How do I add them to my toolbox?
    I have Lutron Designer version Feb 1, 2023

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    To add the RRST-8ANS follow these steps.
    Go to the design tab and click edit toolbox.
    In the search bar enter RRST-8ANS and add the device to your toolbox.

    We hope this sheds some light!

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    Hello, I know the reason why I didn't have the switch in the toolbox, is that when I created the new project I put Venezuela as the country, and they are not currently available for this country, so I created a new project where I put USA, and if sunnata dimmer and switch are available. Thanks for the help.

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