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Thread: Caseta not working with Google Home

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    Caseta not working with Google Home

    My Caseta lights have not been working with Google Home for the last 36 hours or so. I rebooted the Lutron hub. I tried to refresh/reconnect the link to Lutron in the Home app, but Home said, "Could not reach Lutron." The lights work from the Lutron Caseta app, but they lost their connection to Google Home. Any suggestions?

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    It's possible that the Caséta hub is connected locally to your wireless network but not remotely to the internet. To confirm this, can you control your Lutron devices via the Lutron app while disconnected from your home Wi-Fi? You can test this if you're at the same location as your hub by disabling Wi-Fi on your mobile device and connecting to cellular data. Then launch the Lutron app and attempt to control your Caséta devices.

    If you can't control your devices while on a different network than the one the hub is plugged into, then something is blocking the hub's connection to the internet. Additionally, If the hub can't reach the internet it will not be able to communicate with the Google Home integration.

    If this is the case, I would start by power cycling the entire network using the steps below:

    1. Do not unplug any ethernet cables at this point in time.
    2. Unplug / power off the modem.
    3. Power off the router(s) / wireless access points.
    4. Wait at least 1 minute.
    5. Plug in / turn on the modem and wait until the modem power cycle is complete (this may take a few minutes to complete).
    6. Plug in / turn on router(s) and wireless access points and wait until power cycle is complete (this may take a few minutes to complete).

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    I am having the same issue. The Lutron caseta switches all work when controlled by the Google Home app but only certain lights assigned to each room will respond to verbal commands, aimed at controlling the entire room, via Google Assistant. When I create a custom voice command to turn on or turn off all switches assigned to a particular room, that voice command works. Google assistant users never had to do this in the past, as it requires the creation of many custom commands. I assume this is an issue with Google Home/Google Assistant and not Lutron as it has just recently been a problem. Is Lutron support able to report this to Google on our behalf?

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