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Thread: DVRF-5NS-WH: LEDs stay very faintly on when switch is toggled off

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    Question DVRF-5NS-WH: LEDs stay very faintly on when switch is toggled off

    I just installed this light tonight inside my front door. I have the neutral wire connected. It turns on the 3 outside LED sconces as expected and the switch pairs to the bridge just fine. When I press the OFF toggle on the switch, the lights come down almost completely, however if I look at the LEDs, they are still on very faintly. I didn't see any t-shooting info on the website for this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    The issue you are experiencing is known as LED ghosting. The issue itself poses no safety concerns, however it can be annoying at times. There are 3 ways to remedy ghosting with a digital on/off switch. One is to change out the LEDs for a different make/model. Another way is to add an incandescent load to the lighting circuit. The last option is to add the Lutron minimum load capacitor (model# LUT-MLC) to the lighting circuit. This capacitor should resolve the ghosting issue you are experiencing. Typically only one capacitor is needer per circuit to remedy this issue.

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