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Thread: RRD-PRO flashing

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    RRD-PRO flashing

    Hello, I have an RRD-PRO controlling 4- Element 6” Recessed 10.5 watt LED downlights. Worked great for about a year and today all 4 lights start flashing like a strobe about 2 seconds. It’s the light fixtures that are flashing not the indicator lights on the dimmer and they are pulsing steadily, not flickering. Is the dimmer dead/dying or what else may be the problem?
    I have 2 RD-RD remote dimmers in the circuit, 1 before and 1 after the RRD-PRO

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    Generally neutral devices should be at the end where the wire goes up to the light.
    There are some cases where you don't need the neutral connection but I would connect it anyway. It doesn't hurt and sometimes eliminates situations like this.
    I'd try pulling the air gap and letting it set for a minute.
    It could also be the electronics in the LED. Try removing them one at a time and see if it cures the issue.
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