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Thread: Installation Question - First PD-6ANS-WH

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    Installation Question - First PD-6ANS-WH

    Hi All - Finally picked Lutron Caseta and trying to do my first Caseta smart switch. It's the simple two button on/off (PD-6ANS-WH) two-way switch.

    I opened the existing switch and found the following:

    1 x Hot (White)
    2 x Load (White)
    3 x Ground (Copper)
    3 x Hot (Black)

    Here's where it's tricky ... and I've swapped a lot of light switches before today ... the blacks are tied together like the neutrals usually would be and the hot wire is white. Obviously not to be straight forward throwing in the smart switch because no neutral. What do I do in this situation?

    Easy choice might be to just go with DVRFW-6L-WH-A, which doesn't require a neutral? Thought I'd ask before buying this one as it's ~$20 more than the aforementioned version. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    It is possible that this could be switching on the neutral instead of on the hot. If this is the case, the best recommendation would be to rewire the circuit so that the line-voltage is going to the switch first and then to the lighting load, with the neutrals feeding directly back from the load to the breaker panel (with the PD-6ANS tied in to that neutral in the wall-box of course). Because of the irregularity of the wiring available in the wall-box, we would advise calling in an electrician to take a look at this installation.

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