I did my first big (~150 devices) RA3 system this past week. It was not a pleasant experience.

Sunnata devices are OK to install but the white LED is easily washed out in a room with average ambient light. We should have had LED color options AND ambient light sensing 10 years ago.

Sunnata hybrid keypads, the ones we waited so long for, are single location only. WHY? That is a giant leap backwards. They are also very thick - hard to cram in an already crowded box. Plus they have pigtails instead of terminals. WHY?

Sunnata devices all come preset as reverse phase. Maybe it is my area but 99% of the loads here are forward phase. There is no option to "set all devices to forward phase."

The programming software feels like a beta version. Most of the HQS features are blocked which makes the RA portion clunky. For example, ff you add a non-system switch it gives you the option to assign a load but you can't do that because the load schedule is only available in HQS.

For some reason you can not enter button labels unless you have internet access. It doesn't sound like much but when you are planning the layout of 40 keypads spread over 4 floors it is a big deal.

I find that I still have to reboot the software after 3 or 4 uploads. It's time for live edits Mr. Lutron.

The APP isn't much better. For some reason it imported the credentials from my personal Lutron account (I have a RA2 system). It took an hour to figure that out. About half way through activation it would not let me activate some devices. I activated 2 of 3 devices in bedroom 3 but the 3rd kept saying something like "error, please try again later." I was able to activate other devices but not the 3rd one in bed 3. I got it down to about 15 devices. Tech support decided it was because I wasn't using the Lutron POE power supply. I had rebooted everything - the software, routers, my computer, the app, my phone, the device... no luck. I finally signed out and back into the app. That allowed me to activate the last few devices.

If you exit activation mode on the app, you have to wait 20 minutes for it to build the mesh again.

I probably could have done this in 2/3 of the time it took in RA3.